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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Mastershot Talent Website

MASTERSHOT are creating a new page to introduce you guys my handsome boys and pretty girls to the world espsecially those from Malaysia. If you are not from the neighbourhood,don't worry as long as you have what it takes to be a models, actors, singers, poets, emcees, deejays, dubbers.... or any good artist in any kind of performing arts, you are most welcome! For now we have Jerome from London also in our database.

We are selecting the best photos to publish, so email us your resume and your good looks. Please send your photos with an attachment to the email. Don't send in word format,please. It will make the process slower.

MASTERSHOT have the rights to publish ONLY the selected photos and candidates.The size should be 450 pixel width in .jpg file.

Sit back and relax. Wait patiently for your call! We are doing our best to promote US to the world of entertaintment! Don't give up so soon ok!

One more, please don't keep asking when is the audition. We don't want to waste your time for unnecessary callings. We value your time. Wish for the best.


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